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contextflow uses deep learning based technology to analyse medical image data and connected facts, thereby supporting radiologists during their clinical routine with workflow oriented information search.
Prewave’s technology allows to generate risk intelligence for its clients, based on world-wide social media and news data. The technology is envisaged to also create substantial benefits for further markets, such as sustainability and insurance.
Ribbon Biolabs
Ribbon Biolabs introduces a new approach for the fast synthesis of long DNA molecules, with lengths up to 10k base pairs, addressing the expanding needs of synthetic biology.
VALANX biotech
VALANX Biotech develops a novel site-specific protein conjugation platform to enable a fast and cost-effective creation of antibody drug conjugates, as well as peptide conjugates and oriented immobilisation for biosensors.
VitreaLab develops an alternative display backlight technology to increase the performance of LCD screens. Their technology allows an energy reduction of up to 80%, while brightness – especially relevant for usage in sunlight, contrast, color gamut and physical space requirement are enhanced.
G. ST Antivirals focuses on the development of antiviral drugs by interrupting the virus’ supply of essential building blocks within the human host cell. In this way the virus is essentially starved and cannot replicate any more.
Joint CeMM-IST Austria start-up applies methods from chemistry, cell biology, and advanced analytics to develop drugs that target membrane transporters known as solute carrier proteins (SLCs).
Solgate Team
Brainhero is developing a unique EEG-mediated neurofeedback training device for children with autism and ADHD.
MyMind Team
Sarcura combines microfluidics and silicon chip technology in order to transform industrial manufacturing of personalized cell therapies.
Cutanos is a biotech company founded in early 2021 that uses a modular and highly flexible drug delivery system patented by the Max Planck Society - the LC-TDS -, to develop antigen-specific immunotherapies for antiviral vaccines as well as for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.
Neurolentech focuses on developing technologies to aid drug discovery for neurodevelopmental disorders like autism or epilepsy. This facilitates new therapeutic strategies for patients to whom no treatment options are currently available.
nista.io is empowering engineers to use existing IoT-Data intuitively, efficiently and collaboratively to generate fast insights. By enabling domain experts directly, the young company aims to make energy and CO2 management a daily routine.
CellEctric is the next evolutionary step in mammalian cell manipulation. The technology allows the continuous processing of cell suspensions while selectively permeabilizing or disintegrating targeted subsets by electromagnetic manipulation. The competitive advantage is based on the exclusion of unspecific interference by a patented dielectric filter technology along the electrodes.
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