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Sarcura Raises a 2.5 M€ Seed Round

Start-up advances their transformative manufacturing platform for autologous cell therapies Sarcura GmbH, an Austrian early […]

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World-class research: VALANX receives funding and research support

Biotech start-up develops novel technology platform for the cost-effective production of defined protein-drug conjugates in […]

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G.ST Antivirals receives six digit investment in IST cube led financing round

Viennese biotech start-up develops innovative host cell based therapies against viral diseases. The Vienna based […]

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Vienna-based startup Prewave offers live monitoring for supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19

Closed factories, interrupted flow of goods – the coronavirus is shaking up global supply chains: […]

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IST Park
Ein Gründerzentrum für das IST Austria

DerStandard article (German): https://www.derstandard.at/story/2000109351426/ein-gruenderzentrum-fuer-das-ist-austria

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contextflow: VCs aus London und Barcelona für Wiener AI-MedTech

der brutkasten article (German) https://www.derbrutkasten.com/contextflow-apex-ist-nina-crista-galli/

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VitreaLab erhält sechsstelliges Investment von IST Cube und APEX Ventures

Medium article (German) https://medium.com/apex-ventures/vitrealab-erhält-sechsstelliges-investment-von-ist-cube-und-apex-ventures-bec5ac2e8621

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VitreaLab: Wiener Startup mit energiesparender Displaytechnologie holt erstes Investment

Trending Topics article (German) https://www.trendingtopics.at/vitrealab-wiener-startup-mit-energiesparender-displaytechnologie-holt-erstes-investment/

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